Mannapaapu Mane

About Mannapaapu Mane

The Western Ghats fascinate one and all, with their impenetrable forests, stunning bio-diversity and awesome water falls. On the footsteps of this nature’s wonder, ensconced in the Kudremukh range of the hills is a small village, just 16 km from Karkala Town in Udupi District, yet miles and miles apart from any trace of the urban life. Amidst its ever-green environs and intense silence the rural agricultural life is an incomprehensible experience.

If you are ever curious of experiencing this life and being one with the nature, welcome to Mannapaapu.

Mannapaapu is a 200-year-old house restored artistically. Built using locally available material with spacious rooms and living rooms, Mannapaapu allows you to experience the nature in its fullest glory. With the rustling trees, the chirping birds, the swirling streams and the unrelenting winds carrying the fragrance of wild flowers, you cannot be closer than this to the nature when you are in Mannapaapu. And, there is more. Mannapaapu is stay-home as much as a home museum with the collection of an impressive range of modern, classical and folk arts adoring its walls. Mannapaapu offer you an opportunity to enjoy the nature and the world of art at the same time.